When looking to source new investment property firstly we need to establish what your overall investment goals are. We can help you get a clear idea on what returns and growth you can expect and then we can build a plan based on these yields and growth to allow you to meet these goals moving forward. There are so many great properties out there but also a huge number of pitfalls and with our expertise we can help you find the properties you want that give you the returns you are looking for. Our team is well connected in the property industry and we always strive to get our clients a portfolio that will not only give them the growth and yield they are after but also the ability to sell the investment as a whole if they ever wish too. This gives our clients the confidence to invest knowing they are always getting good property stock! We then work closely with other agents to negotiate the best purchase prices possible giving strong returns and then help to facilitate the purchase.


When doing any development, weather it a new build, extension or just internal renovations you need to understand realistic costs and time scales for the work to be carried out. Especially on investment properties where you are concentrating on the ROI, where time and costs make a difference to how much you are making at the end. At Magna Developments we look at all these aspects and even can advise you on what works will give you the greatest returns whilst also offering a service that can carry out the renovation works on your behave. This zero-hassle approach really does give perspective property investors the peace of mind that they are getting the best advice and returns with the minimal of input along the way. If you are exploring doing property developments get in contact are see how we can help.


There are loads of ways we help with the management of property investments from the initial conversations regarding how to set these investments up in the most tax efficient manor to the day to day running of a rental portfolio or management of the renovation process. We look at providing a holistic ‘one stop shop’ service that enables our clients to have as much or as little input in the day to day running of their portfolios whilst always keeping them updated to the investment returns.

As part of the property management Magna Developments can assist you with; sourcing tenants, carrying out credit checks, deposit management, inventories, property inspections, rent collection, managing rented properties, maintenance, re-letting, terminations, selling the properties on, renovation works, portfolio sales and many more!

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